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Keeping equipment in good condition and updates up to date

the key to an efficient working day and a long life cycle for machinery and equipment

It is important for us to be technology independent, so that we can use our experience, creativity and all our know-how to provide solutions that our customers perceive as future-proofing.

The IT environment is constantly changing and evolving and therefore requires constant monitoring. However, constant maintenance and monitoring takes up a huge amount of time from other company activities. In addition, equipment and services stop working at their best and security is at risk if an update is not made for one reason or another.

By outsourcing maintenance, you can focus on your core business and leave the monitoring of your IT environment to your trusted IT friend. With Developit's maintenance services, all security and software upgrades are performed in the background according to an agreed plan.

Correctly selected equipment and solutions

Continuous maintenance maximises the lifetime of equipment
Cloud services

Teleworking, and thus the use of cloud computing for storing and sharing information, has grown enormously over the past few years. All of Developit's clients use modern cloud computing for almost all their activities. In addition to enabling remote working, cloud computing offers the advantages of ease of use, reliability, cost savings and scalability.

With cloud computing, files are always available and can be distributed to the people who need them in any given situation - no matter where in the world you work, and from any remote workstation. Cloud computing can also be used for simultaneous editing of files, for example during video calls. With cloud computing, all your important data is available to everyone when you need it.

Cloud services also have the advantage of being cheap to maintain. Developit professionals make the transition to the cloud environment straightforward and can also help automate certain functions. For example, backing up terminal data to the cloud can be automated, so that all files are always stored and restored without the hassle and cost.

Online solutions

High-speed internet access is becoming increasingly vital for businesses and a prerequisite for working efficiently. Functioning and secure network connections are also at the heart of remote working. A good network connection is both unobtrusive and lightning fast, but also secure.

Developit offers affordable, fast data connections that meet your business needs. Our connections cover both larger corporate networks between offices and individual office connections.

Ensuring the security of your network connection requires that software, firewalls and security services are always up to date and up to date. At the heart of network security is the constant monitoring, control and maintenance of the network environment. Continuous monitoring protects the business against ever-increasing security threats and also helps to anticipate potential security problems in advance. Through Developit, you also get comprehensive maintenance and security services!

Management and control services

Many of our customers have chosen to harness our tireless and automated monitoring agent to monitor their equipment, leaving us people more time for other productive activities.

The automation used by Developit alerts us to potential problem triggers in advance, so we can react to them before they even occur.

With a modern device management system, everyone can keep track of where each device is in use at any given moment.

Purchase of equipment
Correctly selected equipment and solutions are the key to an efficient working day and a long life cycle of machines and equipment. We usually deliver the equipment ready to use and installed. If required, we can also guide you through the introduction of new technology to make everything as smooth, comfortable, stress-free and time-saving as possible.

We always tailor our equipment packages to your needs. Our wholesalers are some of the biggest players in Finland. We offer a wide range of equipment, from mobile phones and workstation equipment and accessories to conference room furniture and AV solutions.

We also take in equipment that is retiring and give it an extension. We clear and maintain old equipment and deliver it to, for example, low-income students.

Financial services
We know from experience that sometimes there are situations where equipment needs to be purchased for a specific project, but cash flow simply won't allow it until the project is underway.

Equipment purchases are a big expense for companies, which is why we also want to offer our customers a flexible financing service for different situations. Our financing service is provided through our extensive network of partners and is suitable for companies of all sizes for all types of equipment purchases and workstation replacements.

Depending on the type of contract, our financing service includes renewal, refund and purchase options at the end of the contract period. It is also possible to purchase individual items of equipment through our financing service.

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