we are

We deliver IT services our way.
Different from the rest, more than the rest.

IT services the way you always wanted to buy them

Solution-oriented, independent
and from a single source

and development

developit // strategy

There are countless ways to improve business, efficiency and user-friendliness.

IT support and maintenance services

developit // support

IT support services are at the core of everything we do and we always tailor them to the individual needs of each company.

Cloud services and equipment procurement

developit // services

Correctly selected equipment and solutions are the key to an efficient working day and a long life cycle for machines and equipment.

Information security solutions
and audits

developit // defence

Monitoring, timely software updates and scanning of systems for new security holes.

Creative services and graphic design

developit // creative

Quality visual design is key to the effective production of any aspect of communication.

Performance techniques and live productions

developit // stream

Our streaming service covers everything from planning to equipment acquisition, execution and recording.

Creative, functional and safe solutions

We are creative not only in our solutions, but also in our visual design skills

Our mission is to support our customers with creative, functional and secure solutions. And to be bold if the situation calls for it. For these reasons, we are more than an IT company, we are on our customers' side at all times and in all situations. We are an IT friend.

Our goal is to drive your business forward with customised solutions. So we don't offer average solutions, because our clients are not average either, but individual businesses striving for their own excellence.

We are a friend who speaks out when necessary, addresses grievances, but is also always there to support and help - because that's what friends do.

Shall we be IT friends?

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