Do you know what the biggest security risk for businesses is?

Studies show that more than half of data leaks are caused by employee error - human error is usually the biggest security risk. So the weakest link in information security is most often the ordinary person, not the technology. It is difficult for companies to address the security risks posed by their employees, often simply buying software to secure but forgetting to train staff on security.

With an increasing emphasis on security, companies should integrate security issues into their other strategies.

Developit can help with security training and guidance for your staff.

or start the game by pressing the "Space" button on your keyboard. On a mobile phone, the game is started by tapping the game.

We offer a free security audit of one online server or website to anyone who scores more than 1500 points in the game. Send a screenshot of your score and your contact details to [email protected] and we'll be in touch.