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Research shows that more than half of data leaks are caused by employee error

So the biggest security risk is usually human error and the human being himself!
Security means constant monitoring, timely software updates, scanning systems for new security holes and, of course, remediation in an ever-changing online environment. Centrally managed security software, hard drive encryption, an effective firewall and two-factor authentication may sound cryptic, but they're commonplace for us and we'll take care of them for you.

Information security is also about constantly preparing for new threats. Protecting against attacks requires unobtrusive observation of events that are out of the ordinary, such as logging in from strange places and at odd times. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone recognises the threats they pose. Being able to identify vulnerabilities early and prevent data breaches is far more cost-effective for the business than trying to patch up costly damage after the fact.

We find vulnerabilities before hackers do

continuous monitoring, scanning of systems and corrective actions
Security software
Every moment your computer is connected to the network, it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We can help you secure your computer system and network against the ever-increasing and evolving security threats.

Our security solutions protect your business from both current and future threats.

Anti-virus protection prevents viruses, intruders, malware and spyware from entering your computer. In addition, antivirus also cleans your workstation.

Encryption methods are designed to ensure that confidential information remains confidential. In addition to the computer, individual files can also be encrypted if necessary.

Hard disk encryption is the best way to prevent confidential data from falling into the wrong hands if your laptop is stolen or lost. In addition to hard disk encryption, backup can be added to the same service package to provide additional security. With a secure hard drive and regular backups of your files, you can avoid too much damage.

We guide our customers in the deployment and management of encryption keys and passwords, and in the backup of encryption keys.

An important part of a secure business network is a modern firewall solution. A new generation of intelligent firewalls keeps pace with new threats and reacts proactively when threats arise. It filters out malicious network traffic and malware and effectively detects and blocks attacks. Versatile and maintained firewall services help monitor and manage network content and performance, and can separate parts of the network into different security layers.
Two-step authentication
The main purpose of two-factor authentication is to ensure that only you have access to your user accounts if, for example, your password is stolen or otherwise compromised. When it's on, you need to confirm your login with another method in addition to your password, usually a one-time code from a phone app or SMS.
Lost files are as nasty as viruses.

Regular backups of customer records, billing information, files and emails are important to ensure that files are kept safe. It is also easy to automate the backup process, saving time for other business activities.

Backups are also a valuable tool if your machine breaks down, gets damaged, lost or stolen. In addition to automating the backup process, we can help you restore files from damaged machines. Files can be restored either to the same machine after repair or, in the case of theft, to a completely different device.

It is up to the company to determine which items are included in the backup. Automatic backup ensures that the most recent backups of your files are always available in the event of a disaster.

With over 10,000 industry-leading security audits, we can provide a thorough view of your company's security posture. Recent and much-publicised security breaches have provided a stark reminder that corporate vulnerabilities need to be discovered well before hackers - before anyone or anything can penetrate and steal data from corporate systems.

In a security audit, we scan servers, workstations and mobile devices as well as web applications and websites, and internal and external networks. We also check your cloud services, mobile applications and network devices, including firewalls, printers, routers and network disks.

We use the best tools on the market that mimic the attack techniques used by hackers. These tools allow us to see your systems through the eyes of a hacker, so that unnecessarily open ports and services are immediately detected and automatically alerted.

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