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Webinars, video conferences and remote meetings are commonplace for many, but the possibilities for creating ever more immersive briefings, events and parties in the virtual world are endless.

The advantage of a striptease over traditional events is that the material can be viewed and rewound immediately and the event can be recorded immediately. It's also extremely easy to share on your company's website and social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, allowing you to reach new audiences and target groups.

Live events and webinars are always unique, as everything happens live. A live presentation can therefore never be reproduced in exactly the same way. In addition to the raw recording, it is also possible to have a live event stylized, edited and condensed according to the theme of the event.

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Presentation technology
There is nothing more annoying than fumbling presentation techniques just as the show is about to start! For Developit, meeting rooms, advertising screens and music systems are as commonplace as computers and we have created numerous, easy-to-use meeting rooms and presentation spaces for our clients.

In addition to expert design, at the heart of av solutions is quality equipment and ease of use. Together, they ensure that there is no need to worry about technical failures during performances and that performers do not need to be trained and instructed in advance each time.

Our AV solutions include all the audio and visual solutions that businesses may need for meeting rooms or other presentation applications, from televisions to video projectors, sound systems, control and smart solutions. With intelligent controllers, the presentation technology can be programmed to work with a single button or even be activated by a motion sensor.

Proper presentation facilities also allow the use of streaming technology for webinars, live events or remote meetings, for example. If required, we can also provide training in the adoption and use of AV solutions.

Streaming service
Our streaming service covers all your needs, from planning live broadcasts, to equipment and equipment procurement, implementation and recording. The Liveksi team has almost 20 years of experience in various aspects of the ever-changing technology industry.

We have delivered hundreds of live streaming events ranging from webinars, product launches and executive announcements to galas and training events.

The equipment and skills required are always sized and tailored to the client's needs - whether it's a one-person presentation, a panel discussion for several people or a wedding for hundreds of guests streamed to relatives on the other side of the world.

Do you already have streaming skills on your own or do you want to do live streams independently? You can also hire filming equipment through our live streaming service. Our equipment rental service also includes the assembly and disassembly of the equipment.

The equipment, devices and software required for the production of a live broadcast are usually a major expense, even if the need for live broadcasts on the client's premises is recurrent. When it comes to the purchase of filming equipment, our prices are extremely competitive and delivery times are fast. The equipment requirements are always sized according to the type of live performance to be performed.

As an additional service, we also offer training on how to use the equipment and how to stream. We are an easy-to-understand and approachable partner, who is easy to contact if you need further training or assistance in using a piece of equipment.

The streaming service includes the identification of a suitable space for each live event and, if necessary, rental from an external party. For example, the Korjaamo cultural centre has excellent facilities tailored to streaming.

It is always a good idea to size the filming facilities according to the specifics of the live broadcast and so that the subject is at least two to three metres away from the camera. In this way, lighting can be built up to be adequate.

The room must have a good network connection on a fixed line or, alternatively, good coverage for 4G or 5G connection, so that the network connection does not cause stuttering or poor quality transmission.

There should be as little outside noise as possible. For example, loud air conditioning can produce a disturbing buzzing noise. Poor soundproofing, on the other hand, means that sounds from outside the room can be heard all the way to the broadcast.

Green screen
In a green screen studio, you don't have to worry about the weather or lighting.

The green screen is an ingenious solution when you want to include a specific landscape, video, set or presentation in the background of the object you are filming.

As the name suggests, green screen images are made in front of a green background canvas, but the green colour is replaced in real time by an illustration that is appropriate for the live performance. The background image can be used to create different atmospheres to suit the situation or to take participants to unexpected places in a virtual environment.

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